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The purpose of the Career Development Branch is to develop our members professionally through professional development workshops and networking opportunities with our corporate supporters. We are striving to expand the corporate branch beyond traditional careers by providing information about graduate school, academia, and careers that branch beyond engineering. We accomplish this through mentorship programs with Graduate SWE, panels with female professors, and speakers that use their engineering degrees outside of the traditional engineering field.

Contact the Vice President of Career Development with any questions or for more information.


Corporate Hangouts

Through corporate hangouts, we seek to provide members with opportunities to interact with professionals in a more casual and relaxed setting. Through fun, social activities, students will feel more comfortable attending these events and are able to freely converse with professionals about not only their careers, but other interests as well.


Lunch and Learns: Professional Development

Our professional development lunch and learn series will be similar to previous years, but with a greater focus on individual learning and growth. This smaller group luncheon allows corporate representatives to meet with students in a more intimate setting and answer individual questions. It provides an avenue for representatives to share their personal experiences with the company and give a workshop-style presentation on professional topics, such as how to build a good LinkedIn page, resumé review, or how to prepare for an interview.


Networking Night

This SWE event, attended by Cockrell Engineering students, allows students to network with company representatives from numerous companies and industries. The program consists of a networking reception prior to dinner, a keynote speaker, and two table rotations that allow companies to meet with more students in an interactive setting.


Grad SWE & Austin SWE

As a collegiate chapter of SWE, we seek to maintain connections with other SWE chapters. Through events with the UT Graduate SWE chapter and the Austin SWE chapter, we aim to provide members the opportunity to interact with graduate students and professionals. Members are then able to make connections with SWE members beyond the UT collegiate chapter, where they can seek professional development mentors and learn about what resources are available to them through SWE after college.

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