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Join us by planning and participating in our Outreach events!


UT SWE Outreach aims to  excite and educate youth, especially females, about engineering. Through each of our interactions we serve as an agent of change, inspiring students to dream big, be creative and curious, problem solve, work in teams and develop an awareness of the world to become the leaders of tomorrow.  

Contact the Vice President of Outreach for more information.


K-12 STEM Events

Interested in inspiring females to join engineering? Join SWE for a variety of STEM events, such as virtual Q&A panels, speaker events and much more,   where you can help inspire others to explore more about  STEM  and mingle with other SWE members.

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Serve to Succeed (S2S) Social Impact Challenge, sponsored by Schlumberger, is a distinct challenge where SWE sections and members give back to society by volunteering their time to community organizations or charities to turn ideas into positive real-world impact. Join us this year to participate in numerous community service events to give back to our community as well as keeping our title as 1st place national winners!


STEMinists High School Camp

The STEMinist Camp is a FREE day camp designed for young high school women interested in exploring engineering as a career. Volunteers serve as camp counselors and mentors to guide their group of girls towards their goal.



SWE is partnering with the Gamma Sigma club at Connally High School to mentor young girls about engineering, college applications, and more! Mentors will be presenting and socializing with the mentees in order to make a meaningful impact on the students at Connally High School.


Virtual Outreach

Virtual Outreach is a collaboration project between Outreach and Publicity to educate people about the STEM field. We will be filming, producing, and releasing different videos about engineering and the many opportunities engineers have, as well as other interesting topics!


Outreach Commitee

New to volunteering and helping others in need? Join the SWE Outreach Committee  and help UT SWEgive back to the community!! Outreach Committee creates, plans, and leads events throughout the school year and works closely alongside the Vice President of Outreach. . We will plan K-12 outreach events, community service events, coordinate S2S events, and help with iconic events like Girl Day and Explore UT.  Outreach Committee is all  about giving leadership opportunities to our members and giving them an experience that will make them fall in love with SWE and Outreach in general! Keep on the lookout for more information on how to join!

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