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Finals Study Spots

As the semester wraps up and finals approach finding great places to study becomes harder. Here are some on campus and off campus study locations that don’t decide fluorescent lighting is a great choice for ceiling material (the PCL).


On campus


The William C. Powers Junior is a great place to study! There are various study spots strewn throughout the building. You can read through your materials next to a fireplace, take a break in the nap area, or enjoy some peaceful studying in the rooftop gardens.


The fine arts library has a nice artistic charm to the building and is a overlooked study spot on campus. The library has a quiet atmosphere, nice views, and comfortable seating guaranteed to get you in the study zone.


The EER has plenty of spots to study around the building. The zeroth floor is basically all tables and a great hideaway study spot are the tables next to the interview suites. If you do decide to study at the EER don’t forget to drop by the SWE office space to grab your finals care package.


The communications building is an overlooked study spot especially amongst engineers. It’s really quiet and there are many cubicles next to the windows if you want to have an individual study session.


You could also have your study session at the union. There are plenty of places to grab food if you get hungry plus there is a Starbucks for a caffeine kick. If you manage to grab a table the area near the Starbucks is a great place to study.


The Norman Hackerman Building is a great place to study. With plenty of natural lighting and large windows the building gives you a great view of campus as your study the day away.




Address: 5353 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

Monkey Nest has a cool vibe and you get some coffee while you grind away. Definitely a great coffee place to check out.


Address: 218 West 4th Street Austin, TX 78701

Halycon coffee is a great quiet and chill place to study. There is a lot of cool artwork that lines the walls and plenty of outlets so your phone or laptop never runs out of power.


Address: 710 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

Boasting six stories tall there are an endless number of places to study in the Austin Public Library. Not to mention the big windows, comfortable seats, and tons of natural lighting, the Austin Public Library is definitely one of the best places to study in town. Not only that but it is also super accessible by the bus just take the 801!


Address: 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

Mozart’s is also a great place to study. Right now, they have their holiday lights up, so you can enjoy a beautiful show as you study. Also, there is just the right amount of background noise for those people who can’t study in complete science. Plus, they have refillable coffee!


We hope that you check out one of these study spots during your finals grind this semester. Good luck on finals and have a good winter break!!!

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