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Meet the Blogging Team!

Hello! The SWE blog is officially kicking off. Expect new posts every week or every two weeks, but before we jump into all the cool things, we will cover this year let’s meet the SWE members who will be helping out with the blog this year!!

Name, Year, Major, Fun fact

Kaitlyn Ng, Sophomore, Civil Engineering, Fun Fact: I am a pen aficionado! My favorite pen that I own at the moment is my Pilot Kakuno (-:

Yee Lee Chen, Junior Chemical Engineer Fun Fact: I've lived in 5 countries

Annisya Sabrina, Freshman Chemical Engineering Fun Fact: I love cooking/baking and my favorite thing to make from scratch is gnocchi.

Keri Christian, First Year Aerospace Engineering Fun Fact: I know ASL!

Jessie Jiang, Junior Chemical Engineering Fun Fact: I enjoy trying weird snack flavors. I have tried cucumber flavor and grilled squid flavored potato chips before.


Kaitlyn: Bullet journaling, Embroidery, Running, and Watching food videos

Yee Lee: Food, Books, Boba, Music, Design, Water sports, and Photography

Annisya: Traveling, Drawing, Painting, and Baking

Keri: Art, Movies, and Eating good food

Jessie: K-pop, Books, Dancing, and Cooking

What is something you are looking forward to this semester?

Kaitlyn: I'm excited to see how the blog and vlog turn out! It'll be fun to look back at the end of the year and see all that we've done! Also, I’m looking forward to making more time this year for reading books and crafting!

Yee Lee: BUBBLE SOCCER AND EWEEK!!! And I'm going skiing for the first time in Vancouver so I'm excited about that too.

Annisya: I’m looking forward to bonding with my SWE family and exploring Austin!

Keri: SWE Conference because there are some really great speakers that go, and doing a maymester in France in the spring

Jessie: I am looking forward to seeing all we accomplish the SWE blog and vlog. For life, in general, I am going to two concerts in November and to read the final book in a series I have been following.

Why did you decide to join the SWE blog?

Kaitlyn: I think it'll be a good way to talk about things not necessarily engineering/school-related and share them with our SWE members!

Yee Lee: I initiated the system, and can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Annisya: I joined the SWE blog because it gives me a positive creative outlet to destress from schoolwork, and I get the opportunity to be more involved in SWE!

Keri: I really like graphic design and video editing so I wanted to apply that skill to SWE

Jessie: I think its great way to allow your voice to be heard within SWE and a nice outlet to destress outside of school.


Be sure to be on the lookout for all the great topics our blog will cover this upcoming school year. A quick preview to what’s to come includes, fun things to do around Austin, study tips, and graduate school. If you are interested in joining the SWE blog or vlog team it’s not too late! Reach out to and we will be happy to catch you up to speed and get you integrated into the team!

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