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Meeting Your Finals Study Music Needs

It’s December, and you know what that means! Yup - Finals Season is here! But have no fear, SWE is here with all your studying needs. Every good study session starts with the right vibes. We’ve asked you guys for some of your study music recommendations and you answered with a wide range of genres. Whether you prefer to study with music or in complete silence, here are some playlist recommendations to change things up this finals season.



The most popular response we received was piano/instrumental music. For those looking for a playlist varied enough to keep your brain engaged but lowkey enough to not be distracting, these playlists are perfect for your study session!


What’s Lo-fi? Lo-fi is described as a production quality where parts usually considered as background noise or imperfections of a recording are audible or left in as an aesthetic choice. If you’re looking for that white-noise element in your playlist, this is for you.

Brain food by Spotify

Spotify describes this playlist as 'electronic' and 'hypnotic'. If your brain craves a variety of noises as much as it does knowledge, Brain Food is sure to put you on a whole new level of focus.

Christmas jazz

Study sesh, but make it christmas-themed

Other Recommendations:

Tron: Legacy soundtrack

Piano covers of kpop songs

If You Wait: album by London Grammar


We hope that these playlists help get you in the study mindset! Good luck on finals and have a good winter break!!!

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