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What are some TV shows you recommend?

See what Mackenzi from Women in Aerospace for Leadership and Development has to say about her favorite TV shows.


Q: What are some tv shows you recommend?

A: This is an INCREDIBLE question for me to answer, as I have spent (too) much of my time over the past few months sitting on my couch, binge watching everything from New Girl to Criminal Minds. Between quarantine, the holiday season, and the semester FINALLY coming to an end, I think we are all about ready for some well-deserved couch time! So, I have a few suggestions of my own, as well as a few tv show suggestions from my peers in WIALD for you to enjoy! I’ll also throw in a few holiday movie suggestions if you’re in the mood for something a little more dense and festive! :)

TV Show Suggestions - Netflix:

  • The Office - I am absolutely biased when it comes to Netflix suggestions for this reason only - I am OBSESSED with the office. I just completed the series for the 10th time over Thanksgiving Break. Yes, the 10th time. No exaggeration. It’s a hilarious, feel-good mockumentary if you’re into dry-humor and a little bit of romance! If you’ve ever wanted to binge The Office, now’s the time to do so! Rumor is it will be taken off Netflix in January 2021 and moved to NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock.

  • New Girl - I was forced to watch this show by a good friend after years of refusing to watch for the sole purpose of being stubborn. Long story short, I ended up finishing the series in a week, and have since rewatched it twice. New Girl is another feel-good show with incredibly witty, ridiculous, and relatable characters. The first few episodes, you may find Jess to be a bit, dare I say… annoying? This is the consensus from many who have seen the show. But if you keep watching, I swear you’ll fall in love with her character and everyone else in the show (especially Nick Miller!).

  • Criminal Minds - This show is for those who like a little bit of mystery! Each episode presents the case of a new fictitious serial killer and shows you how a team of FBI profilers catch the criminal. The show is pretty dramatic and has funny moments, but my favorite part is that you get an in-depth look at each characters’ lives and truly become invested in the show. This one is easy to binge because each episode is like its own little movie - you’ll never be bored!

  • Young and Hungry - This show is a pretty adorable (and relatable) representation of what it’s like to be completely broke and chasing love. It’s pretty cheesy, a bit cliche, but it’s also funny and has a story-line that is pretty hard to resist - a young and broke chef gets a job cooking for a single, handsome MILLIONAIRE. Again, the dialogue is a bit cheesy, but who doesn’t secretly love that?

  • The Haunting of Hill House - I have not personally watched this series, but I have heard incredible things! From the writing to the acting and storyline, it is clear to me that this show is a must-watch for the NON-faint-of-heart! With plenty of jump-scares and the storyline of continuous hauntings, this show is said to be alluring and addicting! I plan on binging this one after finals!

  • Nailed It! - This show is just absolutely hilarious. Each episode, you are introduced to 3 HORRIBLE bakers, who face two rounds of attempting to bake masterpieces. The host, Nicole, spends the entire 30-40 minutes making fun of the bakers as they forget to add flour, burn their cakes to a crisp, etc. It will make you belly-laugh. There is also a Nailed It! Holiday! if you’re feeling a bit more festive! :)

Movie Suggestions:

  • Christmas Vacation - Amazon Prime, Hulu Premium, or sometimes it comes on TV! - If you’ve never watched Christmas Vacation, I am BEGGING you to watch it this holiday season. It is a hilarious story about a father who attempts to decorate his house to EXTREME heights for Christmas. Lots of things go wrong, there are unwelcome surprise visits from relatives... it is a pretty hectic, and yet accurate representation of how the holidays can pan out. Please watch. You won’t regret it.

  • Elf - Amazon Prime, Hulu Premium, or sometimes it comes on TV! - I feel like I don’t have to say much about this movie. Will Ferrell plays an elf from the North Pole on search for his father in New York City during Christmas. Will Ferrell AND the Big Apple during the holidays… what’s not to love? This movie makes me belly-laugh every single time I watch it… and I’ve seen it about 100 times. Never gets old.

  • Four Christmases - Amazon Prime - This Christmas movie is more of a Rom-Com starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, who play a slightly dysfunctional couple. You’ll follow the couple to four Christmas celebrations - one at each parents’ house on each side of the relationship. The celebrations are chaotic, hilarious, and test the boundaries of the couple’s relationship. This movie is quite dramatic, but very funny while still feeling very festive!

  • The Grinch (Animated) - Netflix - Of course, my first suggestion would be the original Grinch movie, starring Jim Carry. However, the animated version that is available on Netflix is a great alternative if you are looking for a movie that you do not have to rent, as long as you already have a Netflix subscription! This movie is adorable and witty. It is narrated by Pharrell, with music by Tyler, the Creator… so I’d say it’s a pretty good option! :)

I hope my suggestions help you during these last few weeks of the semester and into the holidays! Remember to take a break from studying every once in a while… you deserve it! It’s been a long semester, and while studying for finals if you feel that your brain can’t take anymore, sit on your couch and put on a good show or festive movie. That’s what I’ll be doing every evening until finals are over! Good luck on your finals, happy holidays, and HOOK’EM!


You can find WIALD on social media here:

Instagram: @ut_wiald

Twitter: @UWiald

WIALD (pronounced “wild”) is a student-run organization at the University of Texas at Austin. WIALD was created in 2009, when the percentage of women applying for the undergraduate Aerospace Engineering program at The University of Texas at Austin was at a historic low. In an effort to alleviate this problem, a group of women in engineering came together with the help of faculty members and the Women in Engineering Program (WEP) and formed Women in Aerospace for Leadership Development (WIALD).

This blog post was written by Mackenzi Haub, a second year aerospace engineering major and WIALD’s fall 2020 Historian.

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