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How do you find ways to stay active when feeling unmotivated?

See what Graciella and Shruthi from Student Engineering Council (SEC) have to say about staying active when feeling unmotivated.


Q: How do you find ways to stay active when you're feeling unmotivated and lethargic?

A: Right now more than ever it’s hard to stay motivated and upbeat, but there are a ton of ways to keep you smiling and productive even in a pandemic :)

  • It’s definitely more of a mental struggle than anything, but try to set up a calendar for yourself or make to-do lists and stick to it as best you can. Keeping yourself physically occupied sometimes tricks your mind into action also!!

  • However, the biggest thing to remember if you set up a routine, and you don’t follow the schedule to a T or happen to forget a task, is that IT’S OK! Just pick up where you left off and acknowledge that you’re going to keep trying!

  • It’s really hard to stay motivated especially now, where working remotely has become the new norm. Your computer becomes your entire universe! However, one of the things we recommend to increase your motivation and keep somewhat active is by changing up where you work! If I feel myself losing productivity(which happens wayyy too often) I get up, pack my stuff, and take a trip downstairs or outside. Even the action of stretching your legs for a little bit (try working standing up maybe?) and changing your scenery really helps and might clear your head even just a little bit!

  • Get a working partner!! This is a GREAT way to stay accountable and if you can’t meet up in person, then working over facetime/video call is still great! This can work for anything! School, work, exercise, you name it!

  • Bullet journaling or just having a planner makes you feel super put together and motivated if you’re into that! Yes it takes effort and time, but that sweet satisfactory feeling in the end is worth it, knowing that yes, YOU DID THAT.


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SEC is an organization dedicated to improving Cockrell for its students, and making the engineering experience the best it can be. We host events, collaborate with our other engineering member organizations, and listen to YOU, the Cockrell student body!! Feel free to visit our website to find out more about what we do!

This blog post was written by Graciella Homan and Shruthi Srinivasan, the Publicity Co-Directors of SEC. Graciella is a sophomore architectural engineering student, and Shruthi is a junior biomedical engineering student.

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