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What are some useful resources on campus for students?

Read on for recommendations of resources provided at UT by Harshita from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).


Q: What are some useful resources on campus for students (engineering and non-engineering)?

A: Hi! This is a great question that everyone at UT should know the answer to! I’ll break it down into three categories: academic, health, and day-to-day. I’ve used nearly every resource on here and have found them to be very useful!



  • Engineering Study Tables

    • Drop-in tutoring on the first floor of the EER* for lower division math, chemistry, and physics classes and lower division engineering mechanics and computational engineering classes! (especially helpful for my fellow ASE/COE majors!)

    • * will be online for this semester - click on the link for zoom links!

  • Texas Inventionworks

    • 23,000 square feet of makerspaces for designing and building everything from solar cars and satellites to robots and biomedical sensors

  • Engineering Career Assistance Center (ECAC)

    • Assistance with career counseling and finding internships/externships/co-ops through their online database

  • Academic Advising



  • University Health Services (UHS)

    • Offers medical care, prescriptions, immunizations, health advice, etc.

  • COVID-19 Testing

    • Proactive community testing for COVID-19 at UT!

  • 40 Acres Pharmacy

    • Pick up your prescriptions here!

  • Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)

    • Counseling services available to all UT students! Offers help with crisis intervention, self care, medication/counseling, and finding off campus mental health care!

  • CARE Counselor (EER)

    • Jeni Wade helps students struggling academically due to non-academic reasons with counseling and mental health resources! She also helps students find off campus care and treatment for those with mental illness!

  • Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

    • Provides academic and non-academic accommodations for students

  • RecSports

    • Offers intramural sports, fitness/wellness, outdoor recreation, sport clubs, instructional, and informal recreation


  • Capital Metro Public Transportation

    • Free transportation for UT students - need I say more?!

  • SURE Walk

    • Don’t walk alone at night - request two SURE Walkers to accompany you! Available from 8 pm to 2 am 7 days a week!

  • UT Night Rides

    • Free Lyft from campus to an off campus location at night! Available from midnight to 4 am 7 days a week!

  • University Co-op

    • Go here for lab manuals and textbooks! Also has cute UT apparel :)

  • Hornslink

    • Learn about and join student organizations on campus!

So that’s the end of my list of useful resources on campus for UT students. I hope you use these resources and find them as helpful as I have! Stay safe and hook ‘em! :)


Instagram: @utswe

Facebook: @utaustinswe

YouTube: SWE UT Austin


UT SWE creates an inclusive and diverse community and provides resources and opportunities for members to succeed in their collegiate and professional careers. We strive to create an enjoyable and memorable experience which encourages members to give back to their community and inspire future generations of engineers.

This blog post was written for SWE by Harshita Mattapalli, a sophomore studying aerospace engineering and one of SWE’s publicity chairs!

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